Kat’s Korner

Kat’s Korner: Feminine Folklore

Kat shares insights into her foray into performance theater. She returns as an ensemble member of Goldie Patrick’s Feminine Folklore running May 1st and 2nd at The Atlas Performing Arts Center.

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Kat’s Korner : The Podcast feat. Goldie Deane

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Kat chats with playwright and poet Goldie Deane about her new play Surrender and her role as an artist. Things get deep when Goldie shares her perspectives on art vs. entertainment and the intersectionality of race. Check it out here on the website, or on Stitcher.com.

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Kat Featured on TheAfro.com (PRESS)

The Afro.com features a story on Kat and her mission as an anti-ratchet superhero. Click on the image and get the full scoop on how LSP is changing the game and expanding the nightlife landscape.

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