Kat Featured on (PRESS)

The features a story on Kat and her mission as an anti-ratchet superhero. Click on the image and get the full scoop on how LSP is changing the game and expanding the nightlife landscape.

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Feminine Folklore on Politini (PODCAST)

In November, Kat made her theatrical debut as a member of the cast of Goldie Deane’s Feminine Folklore. Last week, she and Goldie sat down with Aisha & Danielle Moodie-Mills for Politini to discuss the idea of the fairytale and the messages it send to girls and women.

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LSP Newsletter: July 5, 2013

LSP hosts DC HHTF opening reception and kick-off at Marvin. | 5 Questions for Brent “Munch” Joseph (DC Loves Dilla) | 5 Questions for Neil Drumming (BIG WORDS) | LSP Archives

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