Kat + The Creative Nomads Plot the Industry (June 16th) - LiL SoSo Productions
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Kat + The Creative Nomads Plot the Industry (June 16th)

Kat + The Creative Nomads Plot the Industry (June 16th)

In June, Kat will be moderating a talk produced by The Creative Nomads in celebration of Black Music Month. The panel will take place at  RL Hotel-Inner Harbor, Baltimore. RSVP here.

Thursday, June 16th: Cross Cultural Collaborations- Explore the experiences of Arts Professionals who have had the opportunity to work overseas in a residency capacity. Panelists will give insight into finding the opportunities, preparing for the experience, creating engaging content, the actual experience of connecting with a foreign culture through the language of music, and how this experience has or will shape your journey going forward.


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