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Kat’s Korner: Podcasting Black Masculinity (LISTEN)

Kat’s Korner: Podcasting Black Masculinity (LISTEN)

In this episode of Tunes + Talk, I had another conversation on Black masculinity with Kyr Rashad Mack (@kyrismatic) and Jeremy Herte (@jherte), co-hosts of the podcast Let’s Talk Bruh (@letstalkbruh). In this episode we discuss why this why this podcast is a necessity in the 21st century, the ways that the #metoo movement has highlighted toxic masculinity and how these co-hosts are attempting to open up the dialogue between men on everything from being vulnerable to going to therapy.

#TunesnTalk happens every 4th Saturday on WPFW 89.3 FM as part of the Decipher block on 10PM-12MID on WPFW (89.3FM).

Hosted + Produced by: Risikat “Kat” Okedeyi (@katskornerco)
Live mix by: DJ Cleveland Browne (@djclevelandbrowne)
Engineer: Robin Smith


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