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Kat’s Korner: The Podcast Ep. 01

Kat’s Korner: The Podcast Ep. 01

KKorner_ep1_coverWelcome to Kat’s Korner: The Podcast! For the first episode, Kat welcomes spiritual coach Evelyn Bandoh of Mystic Genius to chat about the importance of self-like and self-assessment. Take a listen and then take Evelyn’s seven-day challenge to get to a more authentic self. Share your results with us on the LSP Facebook page, Twitter  and IG using the #gofurther and #mysticgenius hashtags.

Guest: Evelyn Bandoh, MysticGenius.com | Twitter: @Mystic_Genius | IG: @MysticGeniusWay

Opening/Closing Theme by Daniel Crawford
Music Interlude: [un] Average Fruit – Ahmed Sirour + Quadron

For more information find us at www.lilsoso.com and follow us on Twitter: @LSP_OntheGo. Follow Kat on Twitter: @Kat_at_LSP.


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