Kat's Korner - LiL SoSo Productions
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Kat’s Korner

Greetings Good People!

In addition to being the founder and owner of LSP, I live a varied life doing a bunch of other stuff. It is from all of these places the term “cultural architect” comes when describing what I do. It is also from this well that many of my concept ideas and creative consulting perspectives come from, so I thought it would be best to lay it out as best as I could. Feel free to click on the images below to learn more about me and my ways and thanks for your interest and support!


  • Black Magick Woman returns this month with a focus on the motherwort herb. Led by Lucretia Lukaya, learn about the magickal and medicinal properties of the herb and how to incorporate it into the ever

  • Founded by Risikat "Kat" Okedeyi, Black Magick Woman is a series that centers Black women as magickal and spiritual thought leaders. There series returns this month with a mini retreat honoring the su

  • Ethiopian artist Gelila Mesfin first gained notoriety for her reworking of famous Black women into traditional African motifs. Since then requests for her art have grown. From June 16th-July 21st, her

  • South Africa meets Southeast DC in an amazing display of collaborative Black Excellence. Kat will moderate a talk with visual artist Gee, Papy Nakuw of Urban Zulu and Nubian Hueman owner Anika Hobbs.