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Kat’s Korner: The Podcast (Ep. 8)

KAT'S KORNER- Podcast 2016

In this edition of Kat’s Korner, Raquel “Ra” Brown shares insights on writing her latest book The Alpha Woman’s Bible, the healing process of writing her forthcoming book From October to October and how being self aware and open helped her through the sudden and traumatic loss of close family members.

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Kat’s Korner: The Podcast (EP. 7)


The latest episode of Kat’s Korner -The Podcast is now available. Meet Maryam Foye, artistic director of Hissing Black Cat Theater Company and founder of the Den | Reading Room and Artist Exchange. Click on the link to listen to this and previous editions of the podcast that features everyday Creatives telling their stories, their way.

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Kat’s Korner : The Podcast feat. Goldie Deane

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Kat chats with playwright and poet Goldie Deane about her new play Surrender and her role as an artist. Things get deep when Goldie shares her perspectives on art vs. entertainment and the intersectionality of race. Check it out here on the website, or on

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Kat’s Korner: The Podcast EP.02


Kat chats with Jo-Anne Enwezor, Outreach Coordinator for DC TV, about her previous creative lives and the basics of branding. Take a listen and check your brand. Give us feedback using the hashtags #gofurther and #brandyou.

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