2014 Queens’ Stroll Style & Make-Up Guide

2014 Queens’ Stroll Style & Make-Up Guide

With our return to U Street for Black President’s Day, we are excited to bring back the Queens’ Stroll. This tribute to the women of Kalakuta is a performance art piece designed to honor the women who stood by Fela Anikulapo-Kuti even in times of immense struggle and brutality. Their lasting images are a source of inspiration and empowerment; a reminder to be fearless.  What follows is a short guide to achieving your Queen look. You can download a pdf version:  QueensStroll_StyleMakeup_Guide_2014.

Black President’s Day-Queens’ Stroll

When: 9:30PM, Wednesday, October 15th
Where: 11th & U Streets, NW

Once convened, the group will walk from 11th to the corner of 14th and U Streets, NW where a guerrilla-style photo shoot will take place before entering Den of Thieves. Tickets will not be available for purchase at the door, so please get your tickets before hand here.

Style Guide:

The women being honored took inspiration from the traditional dress of their culture and the Western styles of the time, so feel free to mix the African with the Western as much as you like. Dress to impress, but in a way that speaks to who YOU are. The more accessories the better, and be sure to play your look up with varied patterns and colors that pop!

Source: Urban Image

Make-Up Guide:


Source: Urban Image

The key to the painted face is not have any fear. Each woman created a look that was her very own, so take a deep breath and go for it. Take a look at this short clip from Music is the Weapon here.

In addition to your regular make-up, make sure you have:

  • White liquid eyeliner, face paint or eyeliner pencil (Sephora or the beauty sections in CVS, Rite-Aid or Target will do)
  • High pigment eye shadow (LOREAL HIP, M.A.C., or a theatrical makeup shop like Kinetic Artistry in Takoma Park, MD)
  • Dark lipstick (based on your complexion)
  • Additional extras like face glitter, bindis, etc (optional)

Getting Started:

  • Get dressed and do your hair first! (Hold off on all accessories until your face is done)
  • Prep your face as you normally would. Consider using a primer to prevent creasing or runs as the night wears on. You can use an all-over studio effects type of primer, eye shadow primer or crème concealer.
  • Set your eyes and brows. It is up to you how much color you want to use, but create sections that you may want to enclose in white dots later. Vibrant colors work best, it is up to you whether you want to match your outfit. Feel free to go outside of the traditional lines of eye make-up and fill your face with color. You can hold off on the cheeks at this point if you prefer and add color to them after the dots.
  • Prep for dots. Heads up eyeglasses wearers! Make sure you are aware of where your glasses sit on your face before you apply the dots, otherwise you may end up with a few smudges. If possible, pour some of liquid eyeliner in a disposable cup. If not, no worries! Just know that there will be slight transfer, so it is best not to share brushes or the “pot” with others. You can use a q-tip for dot application and adjust for dot size by removing the cotton tip. Use the dots to enhance your eyes and cheekbones. You can also take dots down the center of your face. The dots can create a specific pattern or be random. Either way, have fun with it.
  • Lips and Additions. When your face is complete add any additional facial jewelry such as bindis or glitter and then apply a dark-colored lipstick.

When you are done, snap a selfie, tag it #BlackPresDC2014 #QueensStroll, upload to social media and meet us at 11th & U!

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