AxelF Gears Up for Prom Night

AxelF Gears Up for Prom Night

After a short break, we return this month with what is sure to be our best AxelF ever!


When spring turns to summer, we all have memories of a quintessential coming of age ritual, the high school prom. For everyone who remembers it fondly or wish for a do-over, we’re going in grown-up style, in grand AxelF fashion.

That means all the jheri curl funk, champagne soul, lazer boogie goodness you expect from us. We’ll be digging out all the Black ’80s treats that you love and all the ones you missed. And of course, slow jams. ALWAYS slow jams.

You can add your corsages, taffeta dresses, and playertastic tuxes to the mix. Click here to purchase advance tickets.

PROM QUEEN AND KING! Submit your nominations here.

GOT PROM STORIES? Submit your memories and photos here.

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