Black President’s Day: A Celebration of Fela Anikulapo-Kuti


Concept Overview:  Every year we celebrate the music legacy of Fela Anikulapo Kuti, the Nigerian musician and creator of Afrobeat music. This concept title refers to Fela’s run for the presidency of Nigeria in 1979 and recreates a modern-day shrine in honor of Fela’s Kalakuta Republic with altars set throughout the space. Djs, sometimes with live musicians, pay homage the entire night with tunes from Fela’s long discography as well as the music of his sons Femi and Seun and others inspired by Fela. In addition , special tribute is made to the women known as the “Queens” whereby female attendees “paint up” in  honor of the aesthetic made famous by the women that performed, lived and in some cases loved the protest artist.

Chop 4 Seven: As part of the lead up to year seven, LSP has partnered with The Beat Inn, a Facebook group of aspiring and professional music producers, to create what are known as ‘chops’. This is when a tune is literally chopped up to create a whole new song. From a list of pre-selected Fela tunes, the best seven will be posted each day leading up to the event. Check out the winners here!

Queens’ Stroll: Women painted in the style of the Queens will meet on the corner of 12th and U Streets and proceed in a processional style manner to the event location on the corner of 14th and U Street. Participation is open to women 21 and over. Need help with your look? Check out our style and make-up guide.

Post-Event 2012

2012 Black President’s Day (VIDEO)


black presidents day live

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2012 Queens’ Stroll featured in The Washington Post