Chop 4 Seven: #5-DJ Agent M

Chop 4 Seven: #5-DJ Agent M

As part of the lead up to LSP’s Black President’s Day event, LSP has partnered with The Beat Inn, a Facebook group of aspiring and professional music producers, to create what are known as ‘chops’. This is when a tune is literally chopped up to create a whole new song. From a list of pre-selected Fela tunes, the best seven were chosen and will be featured on the LSP site as well as weaved into the djs’ mixes on the night of the event.

DJ AGENT M – Coming by LiL SoSo Productions

DJ AGENT M is a Hip Hop DJ/producer from Leeds, United Kingdom and is part of the Invizible Circle group. A former MC, a founder member of Invizible Circle records and presenter on Peoples FM and HipHop Basement Radio he decided to place all his energy into producing for local artists Such as J-Bravo, Ajarni, Mersunary Silver Finger. He is currently working with MAXX on a follow up to his debut EP “The Promise of Yet To Come” as well as a solo release in the near future. Here’s what he had to say about his music: “I love jazz and jazz funk. When it comes to sampling I’ll sample anything original for a challenge. Piano and acoustic guitars are my favourite instruments to sample. When in the studio goal is to make music for vocals. So MC’s will say “I want that track”. I like to think as a DJ I have an ear for good music so I try to set myself high standards.”

Find out more about DJ Agent M:

Follow him on Twitter: @DJAgentM


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