FLUTTERBY | Got a Story About Sound? (08.20)

FLUTTERBY | Got a Story About Sound? (08.20)

Last month, Bump n’ Grind launched a new storytelling series called Flutterby. Hosted by Kat, the night featured a few brave souls who shared a variety of stories about sounds that changed their lives. This month on Thursday, August 20th, we return with a new edition and are looking for as many stories as can be filled in a two-hour period, so consider sharing an experience at a concert, meeting one of your favorite artists for the first time, the first time you heard your baby’s heart beat or whatever else strikes your fancy. Just about every sound has a story.

Hosted by: Risikat “Kat” Okedeyi

Rhome Anderson aka DJ Stylus – The Vibe Conductor
Frances Michem-Diago
Tim Norman
Mark Shotick
Daniel Tsoy
Ne’a Posey
Tamara Wellons

Once the features list is complete, we shift to an open format, so you can share if you are inspired. And if that is not awesome enough, this month’s sponsor DC Brau will be giving away free pint glasses (beer not included).

Take a listen to last month’s edition here.


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