Kat’s Korner: Why Nomads + Tribes? (SPARK)

Kat’s Korner: Why Nomads + Tribes? (SPARK)


Every year, for the past five or so years, I leave the country on Christmas and head overseas to bring in the new year. I have had some memorable moments and was seriously thinking about doing the same thing again, but then something happened. Black President’s Day came and it was a HUGE success. The turnout exceeded my expectations and many of the faces were unfamiliar.  The new faces were a welcomed signal that LSP may finally be hitting a good stride, it was also a reminder that no matter what, we, the collective creative/conscious/open will always find one another.

After the event was over, I asked the question that always begins my process: “What if….?”

What if I could get a space with multiple rooms where introverts could sit in the corner and play games, draw or craft a vision board for 2016? What if music heads could just chill and listen to jazz records interspersed with down-tempo electronica? Hell, what if that could happen at the same time a banging-ass party was going on in the basement while folks were eating and drinking the whole time? What if at 2am there was breakfast? What would that look like?

I played around in my daydream space for while and thought back to a conversation I had with Pierre Bennu of exittheapple. We were just chatting one day and he said to me as we were parting ways, ” It’s always a pleasure to meet a member of my tribe.” That stuck with me, like most illuminating exchanges do, and when it came time to name this New Year’s Eve experience, I went back to that memory to retrieve the golden nugget.

Many of us are both nomad and a member of a tribe. We use our time away from the group to work through our issues and clarify our next steps, and then we come back into the fold to work, heal and celebrate. With all of that in mind, it only seems fitting that at the close of what for many, has been an intense year, that we intentionally find one another and come together for the last night of the year.

So, consider this when thinking about how you want to bring in your 2016. What do you want to leave behind? Who do you want to share it with? Staying home can be fun, but so can meeting new people with whom you share common ground. Think about it and when you are ready you can buy your tickets (gather your tribe and get a discount) here.

On Thursday, December 31st, we shall gather, fellowship and create a memory that will take us into a new year. Whether you come alone or with your tribe, all are welcome. #NomadsandTribesNYE


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