Style Pick!: To Sir, Sidney Style

Style Pick!: To Sir, Sidney Style

Sidney Poitier, named one of the greatest male actors of all time also positioned himself as a fashion icon in the 1960’s. His approach to dress was polished and subtly sexy, never overtly stylish, but always fully functional. His exquisitely tailored suiting, cleanly pressed shirting, ties and accessories, all basic in their design seemed like standard menswear then but Sidney wore clothing as naturally as he did any of the roles he assumed.

The perfect Poitier inspired ensemble includes a quality suit with pronounced wing tip lapels, a starch white shirt, and a bow tie or slim necktie in a solid dark color. Finish with understated ace-up dress shoes with pointed but slightly round toes and a matching belt. Handkerchiefs should be made of finished silk, carrying a minimal print of dots or stripes.


Sharon Cyrus also known as The Silent Stylist, is our fashion watch writer who knows about trends and keeps us up on emerging designers. Got a Pick! for Sharon? Contact her here or on Twitter at @SilentStylist.

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