astro.Noir: Full Moon and Saturn in Aquarius Opposite the Sun in Leo | TRANSLATION – Chess Not Checkers

"Whatevs'" by Risikat "Kat" Okedeyi

SPECIAL GEM: Listen to Kat and Adamaah chat about this month’s report.

We are jumping into hyperdrive off the break.  First, know that I use Yoruba and Kemetic deities and African diasporic cultural ancestors as part of my griot skills to make sure you don’t just read what I wrote, you feel me.  Second, there are other asteroids in our galaxy besides the top five. I give you their Greco-Roman names in italics and the equivalent African centered energy they embody. If you want more, there is always Google.  Oh….and I been, been on this, even before BLACK IS KING so no need for lots of leaf canvass covering, ummkay?  

August opens with the Sun/Olodumare (luminosity) swaying through its own savannah headed towards its own throne [conjunct] in close company with Pandora/ Shirley Chisolm (i.e. I will wreck all this shit ordered only for a select few). You see, in addition to creativity, romance, and taking gambles Leo also rules executive ability.  The question becomes how has leadership shown up in your life?  If plans drawn and implemented back in February were sound and equitable during the new moon in Aquarius, then there may only be a few fires to put out.  But if things have been lopsided in favor of some things more than others, then all them raggedy edges are in full view (*COUGH-the way T-Rump handled the pandemic vs other world governments*).Time to get that edge control gel out and get busy.

Across the sky you have the Full Bellied Moon/Yemonja (feminine energy) [conjunct] marching with Saturn/Ogun (karma) on one side regressed back in the sign of Capricorn as he pulls cards on how government and corporations are doing with taking care of the people.  Meanwhile, walking on Yemonja’ s other side in Aquarius are Icarus/Marcus Garvey (bold actions) and Amour/Dr. Martin Luther King (love for humanity). They are both looking back over their shoulders [retrograde] encouraging the gentry to review the long history of protracted struggle. These planets wish for us to continue our revolt against selfish arrogant petty kings and those they empower with fiefdoms who do not serve the people.

The last groupings of planets that I need to bring into the mix are what’s happening over in Taurus.  Uranus/Oya (big and sudden change) and Toro/Muhammed Ali (ballistic level energy that needs to be controlled) is [conjunct] busy counting the cost that shutting down the economy is going to have on food production and people’s ability to secure themselves going forward.  They are [square] really not feeling the standoff between the previously mentioned opposing planets, and it suggests that the pressure may be too much for them to sit and watch as world supply chains break down and farmers aren’t able to harvest and access markets to sell their current crops, or get seed to begin planting their fall/winter crops due to COVID 19 moving over the lands.  

There are overlays to consider as well.  All these planets are in the fixed signs of Aquarius, Taurus, and Leo, the most stubborn with honorable mention going to Scorpio since there are no planets hanging out there now. No one is going to want to budge from their position. Thank goodness the planets keep weaving across the sky in and out of constellations thereby constantly shifting the energy that we receive here on Earth/Onile (our home).  

Currently, we have Jupiter/Obatala (benefits), Saturn/Ogun (karma), Neptune/Olokun (disillusionment), Pluto/Aganju (control), then the asteroids Ceres/Auset (Motherhood), Pallas-Athena/Ma’at (Justice), Chiron/Dr. George Washington Carver (Wounded Healer), Icarus/Marcus Garvey (Bold actions), and Amour/ Dr. Martin Luther King (love for humanity), that’s nine heavenly bodies all in retrograde withholding some of their energy as they transit.

My suggestion would be to stay cool, act cool, and be cool.  As our beloved ancestor Fela Kuti said “Water get no enemy” so visit oceans, lakes, and streams and let the water refresh you. Take baths with essential oils and herbs that cool the spirit.  Hold your desire to “pop-off” when people insist on poking your “inner bear” because this energy will begin to shift in September.  Don’t make hasty moves leading to the unnecessary capturing of “pawns” i.e. interruptions of current engagements while putting your “queen” i.e. long-range goals in danger.  

No need for extra messes if you can quietly slide on by while reckonings are taking place throughout the lands.  I know this was a lot chile. Let me go find an icy in the freezer, until the new moon in Pisces, be easy.

Adamaah Grayse is an Astrologer, Trained Organic Farmer, Yoruba Priestess, and inducted "Sacred Woman" of Queen Afua's SMAI TAWI Center. At present, she conducts Astrology workshops in the DMV, and works to send Agriculturalist from the US to work with farmers in developing countries to transfer technical knowledge thereby improving their production and yield. Find her on IG at @astro.noir.

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