astro.Noir: Full Moon in Sagittarius + Mercury Joins the Retrograde Party – June 2020 – TRANSLATION: The Appropriateness of When It’s Okay to be “Brand New”

"Say Her Name" by Risikat Okedeyi

Let’s talk about eclipses, shall we?  These are a series of celestial events where the Moon/ Yemonja (nurturing) likes to play hide-&-seek. She has a full belly, but squats down low behind the Earth/Ile (home) [full moon lunar eclipse] where the Sun/Olodumare (vitality) can’t see her. Sometimes she boldly steps in between the Sun/Olodumare (power) and the Earth/Ile (home) blocking out the full vision of the Sun/Olodumare (luminosity) with the silhouette of her [new moon solar eclipse] baby bump. New moon solar eclipses and full moon lunar eclipses are powerful because they send tidal waves through our lives pushing our little rafts more swiftly in the direction we are heading. The new moon opens the door wide for all kinds of opportunities to fall into our laps and the full moon snatches things from us and seals the portal shut so no matter how much we beg and plead it ain’t gonna happen.

On June 5th, 2020 there is a Full Moon/Yemonja (succulent) lunar eclipse in Sagittarius. The nodes of the moon [top and bottom] are messengers too, fraternal twins that travel over an 18 month period in a particular constellation family zigzagging across the sky, six months at a time.  The North Node/Orunmila points to the work of walking out your destiny in this life, and the South Node/Eshu is like a number’s runner.  He let’s you grab the good things you earned in previous lifetimes, but he also be like, “Pay me what you owe!” for shit you fucked up in prior lives too.  This means we will have a very voluptuous Yemonja [full moon] hanging out in the same sign of Sagittarius as South Node/Eshu.  Sag is known as the wise one, and his main dwellings are college campus libraries, the alchemical boiling pot (more Ophiuchus then Sag), or for all we know they could be chillin’ on Sun Ra’s spaceship.  

Directly across the sky we have the Sun/Olodumare (light) [conjunct] closely comforting a retrograde Venus/Oshun (beauty) in Gemini’s local community center where the youth are gathering to craft strategy for the marches and protest that they are now thrust into leading. The North Node/ Orunmila (destiny) is also in Gemini at this time and heralds the commencing of a new cycle of events focused on youth, communication, and local communities. What’s interesting about this period is that is coincides with the Venus retrograde. Whereas, she travels back behind the Sun over a 40-day period as she changes from the Evening Star to the Morning Star.  We are in a period where will lose our elder sage big mammas. They have served us well by sharing their motions and potion, incantations and salves. Their karma has been paid in full, and it’s time for them to return to the realm of infinity.  A new day is dawning, and the young women will lead us into what is to be our collective destiny.

This will not be easy as Mars/Shango (aggressive energy) is being held in Neptune/Olokun’s (foggy) deep murky COVID-19 laden waters [square] sitting on a two-way call screaming at both Olodumare/Sun (brightness) and Venus/Oshun (pleasure) in Gemini on one line then the Full Moon/Yemonja (comfort) on the other to come and get him up outta there. Mars/Shango (inflammation) is saying “F*ck it”; he wants to burn it all down, and Neptune/Olokun (transcendence) is saying that it’s about more than just HIM and HIS, the whole planet is suffering, so he has to take that anger and use it to make a better way for all.  It will be a slow build in between the quick burn.

In addition to Venus/Oshun (fun), Jupiter/Obatala (blessing) and Saturn/Ogun (structure) in retrograde, we will now have Mercury/Ellegba (communication) joining them on June 18th signaling the supreme biggest of the big mammas scream GSYADSW-NOW.  All these planets are on holiday so it’s not the best time to launch any new initiatives. Review, revise, and course-correct at this time. You know the drill on a Mercury retrograde, and if you don’t, go back a post or two where I clearly spell it out. 

I would love to say happy, fun, encouraging, and whimsical shit to make you feel all warm and fuzzy, but we just not in that season right now. Perhaps there are some 420 peeps that can help you get your mind right. What I do know is that Octavia, the Toni(s), Fannie Lou, Ida B., Maya, Winnie, Nina, Miriam, Josephine – they all left us a roadmap bound up in their words, songs and tears. Their ashe is in our DNA, and we must write out, sing out, walk out and march out our part in this book of life. There is a Yoruba proverb that says, “you can tell where a man stood in his youth by where he sits in old age”.  Earn your thrown beloveds, the time is now.

Adamaah Grayse is an Astrologer, Trained Organic Farmer, Yoruba Priestess, and inducted "Sacred Woman" of Queen Afua's SMAI TAWI Center. At present, she conducts Astrology workshops in the DMV, and works to send Agriculturalist from the US to work with farmers in developing countries to transfer technical knowledge thereby improving their production and yield. Find her on IG at @astro.noir.

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