astro.Noir: Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn Opposite Mercury in Cancer -July 2020- TRANSLATION “YOU, ME and WE, What We Gonna Do about it Baby?”,

"Won't She Do IT?" by Risikat Okedeyi

Hello Lovelies! I missed sharing my musings with you mid-June.  Glad to be back talking about what’s happening out in these inna-galactic skreets. So-urrr-um you are well aware by now that when it’s a Full Moon that means it sits in exact opposition to the Sun.  A couple of things heighten the effect of the July 5th Full Moon/Yemonja. First, it’s an eclipse which spells endings, and usually denotes a woman leaving your life in some capacity at 3x the normal energy of a full moon. 

Second, it’s on the Solar Return [birthday] of the United States of America which means this country is truly crossing a threshold in governmental authority and corporate capacity. This is happening in the US’s solar seventh house so partnerships are about to blow up and open enemies will reveal themselves. There will be many, many endings with who we consider to be quintessential allies of the United States.

Thirdly, Mercury/Ellegba is [conjunct] sailing with the Sun/Olodumare in Cancer sitting in a boat out in the bay blasting all the tea on his megaphone towards the skyscrapers in downtown Capricorn bringing up past shit (he still in retrograde y’all), history, family, what women are willing to be here for, and what they are not.  What makes this interesting energy is that the Moon/Yemonja which rules Cancer is sitting in her opposite sign in one of those downtown office buildings in a cold dark executive boardrooms decorated with hard granite and marble. Her beautiful shimmering full glow is bright like the Sun and bouncing off her sparkling brass bangles in an African food market. She is letting it be known that business as usual is coming to a close.

But wait there’s more! Go grab popcorn…I mean where else you gonna go since all the music/wine/art festivals have been cancelled by The ‘Rona’s PR firm – The Center for Disease Control?  Although the eclipse is not until the early morning hours of July 5th, you will feel the energy building up to it all day on July 4th, 2020.  Plus, we have Mars/Shango who rules aggression in his own fiery home of Aries in direct [opposition] roaring at the asteroid Juno/ Het-Heru lounging in her flower garden. She rules marriage and is in what would be considered her energetic home of Libra.

Mars/Shango is feeling straight up masculine adrenaline that wants to buck at everything while Juno/Het-Heru is saying that we need that balance of committed partnership if we are going to make it.  All of this forms a crossroad in the heavens where masculine planets are sitting in feminine signs and lushness is inhabiting barren terrain. Themes of control, acceptance, singularity and collaboration all weaving and bobbing in and out of play which makes for double and triple takes since we can’t DVR the many happenings.

While all this combustion is happening in the world, remember we are living through history- making times.  The Sun always brings things to the light, and it’s in Cancer, so tend to your family. Vacation in safety if possible, eat good food, and reminisce about “how you got over” because we are in a place where we will need to do it again. Holla!

Adamaah Grayse is an Astrologer, Trained Organic Farmer, Yoruba Priestess, and inducted "Sacred Woman" of Queen Afua's SMAI TAWI Center. At present, she conducts Astrology workshops in the DMV, and works to send Agriculturalist from the US to work with farmers in developing countries to transfer technical knowledge thereby improving their production and yield. Find her on IG at @astro.noir.

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