astro.NOIR: New Moon in Taurus squaring off with Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn April 2020 | Translation-GYAITGDHRNIDGIFWtheyS

"Welcome to the Neighborhood" by Risikat Okedeyi

April 22,2020, marks the 50th anniversary of celebrating our collective mother (Earth/ Onile). She said this is my year of jubilee, and I am going to make sure I get my year of rest, children gosaadownsomeware!  And should we not want to listen, she has this new belt from an international designer “Coronavirsace” that no one wants any parts of it slapped across their bodies.   

Anyhoo-The new (Moon/Yemonja – nurturing, mothering) is in (Venus’s/ Oshun-pleasure, beauty) home of (Taurus -land, Real-estate) sitting at the kitchen table [conjuncting] having coffee and keke’ing it up with (Uranus/ Oya-great, swift and sudden changes). While the (SUN/ Orunmila – vitality) is out in the garden planting Sunflowers. They are talking about all the beauty that’s about to be popping out in the garden because folks have become motivated to grow their own food, and how Uranus is bringing up all those mothering issues like a geyser – no chill. 

What’s seriously irksome right now though is they can’t enjoy their conversation because they are [square] right up the block from (Jupiter/Obatala – expansion) and (Pluto/Aganju-transformation, corruption, death) who are chopping it up in (Capricorn – Government, Corporations) while in (Saturn’s/ Ogun – restriction, discipline) garage. Leaving the conversation between the (Moon/Yemonja), (Venus/Oshun), (Uranus/Oya), and the (SUN/Orunmila) drowned out by Jupiter and Pluto blasting that music glorifying corporate gangster life with bars like employees being accountable for stimulus funds and infectious diseases being relieved of duty while Wall Street businesses receive government bailout money before Mainstreet businesses who need it the most. All the while that “visit” by (Uranus/Oya) is actually a move into (Venus’s/ Oshun) home for a seven-year stay, so we gonna see some form of neighborhood wars spiking between her and the guys from time to time over the next three years.

On April 25th-26th, (Mercury/ Ellegba – Communication) starts rolling into (Taurus’s) neighborhood to go visit the (Sun/ Orunmila) and (Uranus/Oya), and when he hears that music [square] coming from down the block in (Capricorn) he is going to step to Jupiter and Capricorn and put them on blast for playing petty ghetto games with people’s money and health and allowing the creation of disharmonious environments.

On April 26th, 2020, the (Sun/Orunmila-luminosity) will come and sit at the table with [conjunct] (Uranus/Oya – liberation) to spread light on all the ways that distribution of resources – food, land, money, etc… need to change. Those that are at their wit’s end with being indoors might bolt for Las Vegas or the Georgia shoreline since their governmental authorities are opening them up. Governors might make good on their word to release prisoners to stem the spread of the virus.  It’s all about the strong need for freedom. A really good way to look at this is to see how Governor Kemp of Georgia said, we are opening all of “said business” which happens to be majority Black-owned and frequented, like the Tuskegee experiment didn’t happen in the adjoining state not too long ago.  Meanwhile Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms of Atlanta and Mayor Lori Lightfoot of Chicago, both Black women, used their professional inside voice to show concern, but their body language said GYAITGDHRNIDGIFWtheyS! Get it, Got it, GOOD.

Adamaah Grayse is an Astrologer, Trained Organic Farmer, Yoruba Priestess, and inducted "Sacred Woman" of Queen Afua's SMAI TAWI Center. At present, she conducts Astrology workshops in the DMV, and works to send Agriculturalist from the US to work with farmers in developing countries to transfer technical knowledge thereby improving their production and yield. Find her on IG at @astro.noir.

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