The Black Love Experience: Part Trois

The Black Love Experience: Part Trois

We are excited to be one of the selected curators for The Black Love Experience. A multi-sensory event, TBLE will feature performances, workshops, food, drinks, fashion and a spectrum of Black-owned and produced retail. Be sure to check out our programming happening in the black box theatre that night!. Tickets are on sale now. Click here to purchase and take advantage of the $5 discount when you use the promo code: BLKLVLILSOSO


lsp BLE 2016 FLYER2 FRONTAbout The Black Love Experience: The brain child of Nubian Hueman Boutique Lounge located in Washington, DC, The Black Love Experience is a conglomerate of artistry and inventiveness geared towards natives, travelers, and fearless visionaries featuring performance artists,  visual artists, independent creatives, entrepreneurs, and the like under the canopy of all things Black.  Essentially, this one night event connects the vibrant creative community of the Washington DC Metro Area through Black expressions of music, poetry, live art, body wellness, and creative commerce within a positive environment.  To contain it under the guise of a party, pop-up, concert, or gathering of any kind would be an understatement.

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