Chop 4 Seven: #2 – Daniel Fortune

Chop 4 Seven: #2 – Daniel Fortune

As part of the lead up to LSP’s Black President’s Day event, LSP has partnered with The Beat Inn, a Facebook group of aspiring and professional music producers, to create what are known as ‘chops’. This is when a tune is literally chopped up to create a whole new song. From a list of pre-selected Fela tunes, the best seven were chosen and will be featured on the LSP site as well as weaved into the djs’ mixes on the night of the event.

Daniel Fortune – Boss Lady by LiL SoSo Productions

Love for music started at a young age for Daniel because his parents made him take piano lessons from the age of 7 to the age of 15.   Daniel played the sax in his middle school band and in high school, taught himself the bass guitar.  Soon after hight school, Daniel began learning to produce on a Roland MC-505 he purchased from a local pawn shop.  The beat machine eventually evolved into a home studio.  Sampling was a part of producing that he dabbled in but did not participate in seriously until he joined The Facebook Group The Beat Inn.  Daniel now organizes local hip hop shows in South Florida under the event name ConflictRhymes.  He also runs with a crew by the same name.  Daniel’s producing has downsized to a laptop, turntable and mpc.  The minimalist setup makes for a more focused approach to beat making for him.  He is influenced by all types of music and notes that Bossa Nova is his favorite genre.  Daniel’s influences also include J Dilla, 9th Wonder, Just Blaze and Quincy Jones.

“I want to add something significantly different to the music industry.” Says the ambitious artist.

Find out more about Daniel Fortune:

Twitter: @iamStylepump


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