Chop 4 Seven: #6-Taylor Musik

Chop 4 Seven: #6-Taylor Musik

As part of the lead up to LSP’s Black President’s Day event, LSP has partnered with The Beat Inn, a Facebook group of aspiring and professional music producers, to create what are known as ‘chops’. This is when a tune is literally chopped up to create a whole new song. From a list of pre-selected Fela tunes, the best seven were chosen and will be featured on the LSP site as well as weaved into the djs’ mixes on the night of the event.

Taylor Musik – Open and Close pt. 2 by LiL SoSo Productions


Taylor Musik is a singer/songwriter and producer from West Palm Beach, Florida who is known for his smooth harmonies that will surely catch your attention. He was born with Cerebral Palsy but refused to allow his disability to get in the way of his dream.  Taylor started singing at the age of fourteen in his church choir and by the age 15, he started writing his own songs.  Taylor is inspired by artist such as Stevie Wonder, Jon B and Dwele. In 2003 Taylor attended Florida Institute of Cultural Entertainment Arts where he learned the ins and outs of the music business.  Later that year  Taylor entered The South Florida Vocal Contest and placed in the top ten. In 2004 Taylor released a small demo which included the hit single “Give My Luv”. Since 2010 Taylor has been writing and working on his vocals in an effort to perfect his sound. His next project, “From My Headphones” is due out early 2013.

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