Chop 4 Seven: #7-Elevation

Chop 4 Seven: #7-Elevation

As part of the lead up to LSP’s Black President’s Day event, LSP has partnered with The Beat Inn, a Facebook group of aspiring and professional music producers, to create what are known as ‘chops’. This is when a tune is literally chopped up to create a whole new song. From a list of pre-selected Fela tunes, the best seven were chosen and will be featured on the LSP site as well as weaved into the djs’ mixes on the night of the event.

ELevation A.K.A. DJ Uncle EL – Open Minds
by LiL SoSo Productions


A triple threat in his own right, ELevation A.K.A. DJ Uncle EL simultaneously wears the hats of DJ, MC and beatmaker. His journey as an artist began sometime around 1995. At this time EL began dabbling in production and recording lyrics with long time friends Scientific and Verbal. They later formed the group, “Manifest Destiny,” in 1997. The group disbanded around 2000, as each member went on to persue solo aspirations. Moving forward, EL began to focus more on his DJ and production talents. He developed a style which he describes as ” golden era breaks meets futuristic glitch.” His beats combine intricately chopped samples with live instrumentation, to provide the music with more of an organic feel. ELevation sites such influences as EL-P, Madlib, J-Dilla, Flying Lotus, Anti-Pop Consortium and Dibia$e, just to name a few. When DJing, he can play for just about any type of crowd. From nightclub/top 40 to underground hip hop to abstract beats and downtempo. Over the years, ELevation has shared the stage with Atmosphere, Africa Bambaataa, Kool Herc, Souls of Mischief, Leo 123, Auburn, Sadat X, Casual, Beans and Shigeto amongst many other notable acts. He is currently working as tour DJ for rapper, Denmark Vessey, of Crown Nation. Making his name known around the web, EL is a two time, 1st place winner of the LA Sessions sponsored “Microwave Mondays” beat battle. He’s also a respected member of Facebook’s “The Beat Inn” producer community, as well as the most recent addition to Chicago’s Push Beats collective.
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