context volume 1 ~ Series 1

Context is a series where images and word are brought together by fate. Click here to read more on the featured creatives for January.

Featuring: Simone Bresi-Ando
Photography by: Jamie Winbush    Words by: Derrick Weston Brown      

Facetime with the Moon

You’ll miss it.

Most do
when the lights dim.
When the last chair is placed carefully 
on the waiting tabletop &
The pale pink neon open sign winks 
for the last time of the day.

The streets sigh.
Houses settle.
The sun burrows down 
to singe the horizon’s
edges & doors lock.
Laughter fades into 
quiet murmurs behind walls
that sound of  promises
reprieves, commands, requests

You’ll miss it.

This very look that sits on my face
in this hour of  folding & surrender
as I pause on  the edge my bed      preparing
to unadorn and open at the close of this day.

With bared shoulders, 
my neck relinquishing
this visible gold,
I lower my shields
in the halting light
of the moon leaning full
& rotund in my window
a questioning ivory calabash.

The moon never misses it,
this face I hold behind this  mask
full of bold vulnerabilities & blood.

This face, my answer each time
I meet this celestial body
waiting on my sill
asking me

Woman    how do you save
a piece of yourself,
for yourself at the end of  each day?

I don’t say a word.
I just let the 
gibbous light paint
my face in contour
& shadow & sigh.

The moon & I 
share the answer
in the phases of our face
From full, to wax, to wane.

  • Simone Bresi-Ando
    Posted at 17:11h, 27 January

    Simply beautiful.
    How can a stranger I’ve never met describe my inner workings with such precision, illustrating thoughts and feelings I thought were hidden?
    I guess that’s what the moon does.
    I guess that’s what a gifted poet does.

  • Derrick Weston Brown
    Posted at 19:35h, 27 January

    I’m really pleased you enjoyed the poem. I don’t really have a secret power or any type of sight-beyond-sight (that I know of.). I just studied your face and it told me what was there and I relayed what I saw.