context volume 1 ~ Series 3

Featured/Photography by: Simone Bresi-Ando     Words by: Derrick Weston Brown      


This.   Holding space looks like this. My eyes steady. My lips on the verge of smile & deep wellspring laughter I uncork only for you, friend of my heart, watcher of my back. These fine print times, it seems like walls are the only constant & closeness is more missed opportunity than eye-to-eye& intimacy. My eyebrows are expectant arches. My faint dimple, do you see it? So often we have to harvest hardness, constant gardeners hoping to reap one soft day, surrounded by friends & love. My outstretched hand is your welcome mat. Drop all airs, all pretense; all that cool. We are our soft & supple selves here. Welcome friend. There is always space for you.

Context is a series where images and word are brought together by fate. Click here to read more on the featured creatives for January.

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