EVENT: Let’s Hear it From the Boys: Black Masculinity in the Age of #MeToo (Feb. 15th)

Anacostia Arts Center
1231 Good Hope Road, SE
Washington, DC
RSVP: www.fromtheboys.splashthat.com Space is limited! Sign up today.

We are excited to be back with Nubian Hueman curating the programming for this year’s The BLACK Love Experience this coming in March, so we are getting ready with a few pre-events. Check out this with our very own Risikat “Kat” Okedeyi as moderator.

Starting top left, first column (panelists): Charles Phillippe Jean-Pierre, Preston Mitchum and Aaron Abernathy. Second column (panelist): Kyr R. Mack Third column (panelists): Jeremy A. Herte and Dr. Jeff Menzise Fourth column: Amtchat E. Edwards (panelist) and Risikat “Kat” Okedeyi (moderator)

ABOUT LHIFTB: Featuring a panel of Black men in the media and creative spaces, we will discuss a variety of themes that look at how Black masculinity is defined and holding up. How can Black men be better allies at a time where stories of sexual abuse and harassment are daily occurrences, where the term toxic masculinity is used to describe often normalized behavior and where do they draw the line when it comes to supporting those who engage in such behavior.

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