Goal Setting: How to Keep those Resolutions Real Past February

It’s that time again! The hashtag #newyear #newyou pictures, posts, and chants are flying around every corner of the internet. Admittedly, there’s something enticing about the idea of a fresh start, a clean slate, the chance to distinctly wipe away the dirt and grime, the ups and downs of last year, and forge forward towards a new, more powerful version of yourself.  But, there’s also a small, sinking feeling: “exactly how realistic is all of this anyway?” How many of these gym memberships will be canceled? How many proclamations so righteously made in January, will be forgotten or abandoned by the first signs of spring? 

This year I am more committed than ever to invest in the actual process. Dreams are great — but having a system to achieve them is even better. Recently on one of my favorite podcasts (Call Your Girlfriend), the ladies spoke about a method to make sure you are on track to achieve your goals throughout the year. So my number 1 resolution this year? Use the following system all year long.

  1. Pick a Day

Pick one day of the Month. It could be the first day, the last day, your birthday, first Sunday–whatever works for you. This will be your Day of Renewal. Block off a few hours on your google calendar just for you.

  1. Goal Check-In

On this day every month check in with your goals: are you crushing it? Are there adjustments that you need to make? Maybe you are coming to realize that January’s ambition is not fitting your February reality. Rather than thinking of your goals as a 12-month marathon, break them out into sizable increments that you can realistically tackle. Review your wins and losses of the past month and use this time to chart out your path for the next 30 days.

  1. Wellness Check

It’s hard to go after your goals professionally if the rest of who you are as a person is taking a back seat. How’s your mental health? Is it time to circle back with your therapist before the weight of it all becomes too much? Use this time to schedule any appointments you’ve been putting off. That yearly wellness check? Pap Smear? Tooth cleaning? Yup, knock it out now, so they don’t pile up for the end of the year.

I’m ready, are you? Cheers to recommitting yourself to your goals and living your most intentional 2019!

Maya Cooper is a member of LSP’s content team. In addition to making our IG pop she occaisionally drops gems here on the site.


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