astro.NOIR: Jupiter Trine Neptune in 2020 | Translation – GO SAADOWN SOMEWHERE!

Adamaah Grayse is an Astrologer, Trained Organic Farmer, Yoruba Priestess, and inducted "Sacred Woman" of Queen Afua's SMAI TAWI Center. At present, she conducts Astrology workshops in the DMV, and works to send Agriculturalist from the US to work with farmers in developing countries to transfer technical knowledge thereby improving their production and yield. Find her on IG at @astro.noir.

Credit: Katia Herrera, "Universe Protector"

Jupiter (Obatala) with all its jubilant expansive energy left Sagittarius in January to take up space in industrious Capricorn for 13 months starting in 2020. I was looking forward to blessings somehow coming from big business, government, and possibly some protection against the Thuggish Plutonian (Aganju) influence of the So-Called Real President of the United States (SCRpOTUS) grifting off the country using the Achilles heel of this nation (racism) to shield him from being impeached.

What my vision was not able to capture until a couple of days ago, but became clear once the Sun (Orunmila) finally moved through Pisces and burned off some of the haze, was that Jupiter will be trine Neptune (Olokun) through most of 2020. Let me break this down. Pisces rules the 12th house of the tropical zodiac (western astrology) and is ruled by Neptune. It is essentially the King coming home and sitting on his throne. In this case, Jupiter has decided to throw him a commemorative coronation for the occasion.

Neptune carries the energy of fog or disillusionment, but it can also bring inspiration that comes from transcending mundane boundaries to reveal eternal beauty. An example would be dating the person that EVERYONE can see is a loser BUT YOU, or listening to a beautiful piece of music or viewing a piece of art that is deeply moving. In the Yoruba tradition, Olokun rules great wealth and is said to be the guardian of African descendants throughout the Diaspora because of the MAAFA* and the subsequent ancestors’ bones that lay at the bottom of the ocean. The 12th house rules mental health, CONFINEMENT as in hospitals, prisons, monasteries, (AND NOW OUR HOMES), the shipping industry, the film industry, drug manufacturing, addiction, churches, and the psychological death that leads to a new way of thinking and being in the world.

The news that a virus was blowing up China was “announced” to the world on the eve of the Chinese New Year. When Jupiter conjoins another planet, it expands its influence. This trine will be felt up through November of this year. Not only has the Coronavirus spread around the world, since we operate in a global economy, that too has come to a screeching halt. Of note, cruise ships and places of worship have played a part in the spread of the virus. Now governments are having to support both industries and the people by dishing out money and delaying debt payments (Thanks Jup!). This is allowing some folks to rest and take a break from making those bricks without straw as they wait for this “Angel of Death” to hopefully pass over them and their loved ones. The virus itself causes the body to move into autoimmunity. The lungs, in a sense, attack themselves making it difficult for the person to breathe just like being underwater without a tank of air. To date, there are still not enough respirators.

The latest medical reports are saying that social distancing, sheltering in place and staying home to slow the spread of the virus pandemic could last longer than the two weeks, or even two months. This, of course, flies in the face of the Skeksis-acting** millionaire dinosaurs parading as Congressional representatives and uber-rich captains of industry. They are NOT prepared to wrap their little warped underdeveloped brain around this and it’s going to be a shit show. We are entering a brave new world and instead of an asteroid hitting the planet or an ice age creeping over the land, it’s a microscopic entity that has stopped the world on a dime and is re-ordering our reality.

On a lighter note, all the streaming services have captive audiences, and DJs are out here saving lives. We will come out of this fundamentally changed. The vibe of Pisces is the “Oneness-of-All” and his ruler Neptune has the best hype-man Jupiter gassing him up. This is grandma telling us to collectively to GO SADDOWN SOMEWHERE cause its lightning and thundering outside. We need to turn off the TV and sit really quiet as God is speaking…

*Refers to the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade
**The Skesis were an evil horde of corrupt bird-like creatures in the fantasy film The Dark Crystal


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