Kat’s Korner: Behind the Veil

Kat’s Korner: Behind the Veil

“If you’re looking for love, be it/ If you’re looking for peace, be it/ Hold on to your vision? It’s about who you are.”
~ Tamara Wellons

At the end of last month, I had the honor of directing Tamara Wellons in the video for her new single “Behind the Veil”. From the moment I heard the song, I knew it was a hit. The lyrics speak to the need for self-awareness and actualization while being present in the moment. They also challenge the listener to take responsibility for the life one creates. After a few listens, I had a concept in mind. When I shared it with Tamara, there were tears and smiles. After one conversation there was nothing left but to actually carry out the plan.  While I have some directing experience, this was my first-time ever directing a video. Unlike events or even theatrical presentations, directing for a video requires  a unique instinct for forethought. There is more than one path to the final vision and so creating various paths while capturing footage is of keen importance. The taping process, while long an arduous, was actually a great deal of fun much of which I attribute to the crew. Through out the two-day taping process, I learned the importance of even more attention to detail, continuity and multiple takes. There have been many takeaways, but the most impactful comes from Ralston when he offered up this sage advice, “Kat, just play. Don’t worry about the shoot list, just have some fun.”  Of course he was right and of course, he continues to be right as we enter into the editing process.

I will say this, this creative space is not for the faint of heart and it should not be entered into alone. I chose my team knowing I would need to lean heavily on their expertise and experience. In doing so, I have had wonderful teachers in both Ralston Smith of Globaleyes and Elise Perry of BeauxArt Media. The constant encouragement and confirmations that I am up to snuff, have been necessary and priceless. The importance of comrade-teachers should never be overlooked when embarking on a project such as this.  True growth can only happen when you push out of your comfort zone and  into a space where you have to become student- yet again. A director is nothing without her vision and her vision is nothing without support.  So, to Tamara Wellons, Ralston Smith, Elise Perry, Aisha Massac, James Newton, Joanne Enwezor and Jamil Hamilton, thanks for the support. I am quite the lucky girl. Power to the master teachers!

You can purchase a copy of  Tamara’s new single, “Behind the Veil” on iTunes by clicking here.



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