Kat’s Korner: #BlackMagickWoman Makes NYC Debut

Kat’s Korner: #BlackMagickWoman Makes NYC Debut

On Saturday, September 8th, I headed up to New York to co-facilitate a New Moon prep workshop with Simone Bresi-Ando of Tools for Living BA. About 12 women showed up and we delved into a discussion around the new moon (the time when the faintest sliver of the moon is visible) and the importance of this particular one in the sign of Virgo. 

Black Magick Women: Me and Simone Bresi-Ando. Photo credit: Jaime Cheyenne

I started Black Magick Woman last year in an attempt to highlight the historical and magical space that Black women have always held. In a world where witches are only white and when they are Black, are submissive or second only to more powerful white forces, it was important to me that I share what I have learned so far and shine a spot light on the so many Black and magickal women I know.

It has been a slow-going process, but a beautiful one. The small, but growing band of women who once thought they were alone, have found each other and we are traversing the world using ancient wisdom and blueprints left by our foremothers. There is much to this “hippie shit” as it is sometimes called and Saturday’s workshop was a testament to this truth.

The women came from all walks of life and varied in age from early 20’s to 83! We talked about rituals that could be used for setting new intentions and keeping them, went over the need for communing with the ancestors and more importantly, the need to be specific. Be careful what you ask for, you might just get it. By the end of the session, there were hugs and smiles, but most of all there was peace. 

Post-workshop fellowship. Photo Credit: Jaime Cheyenne

It was a beautiful introduction the Black Magick Woman way, and based on the response not the last. Special thanks to Sarah Williams and Rituals + Ceremony for hosting. It was a blast and can’t wait to come back for more.

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