Kat’s Korner: How the Rest Was Won (Use The Rona)

We have been in a COVID-19 panic for about three weeks now, and as I type this, my home state is currently under stay-at-home orders, that for the most part are being moderately adhered to. Like many of the homebound, I too am trying to occupy my thoughts and time while we wait out what is already a life-changing experience that now and forever will be stamped indelibly into the collective psyche.

We are living in a new era, and like it or not, there is no going back. As global markets are decimated and the death toll rises, I truly believe that we are being called to lean into these mass disruptions and do something many of us just don’t do-rest. Yep. I said it. In fact, let me say it louder for the folks in the back. “You are not obligated to record new music, learn a new language or start a new business. In fact, your 24 hours are your own to command as you see fit!” If you want to and you have the capacity for such endeavors, by all means, have at it. But I am begging you all, myself included while we adjust to whatever our “new” normal will be, let’s make a pledge to leave the toxic “grind-yourself-into-a-fine- dust-to-prove-yourself-worthy” mentality in the pre-COVID era.

Contrary to “hustle hard” twitter, not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur, and there is nothing wrong with NOT wanting to be a pseudo-celebrity/influencer/travel blogger/yoga instructor. You, getting up every day thankful for your life, no matter how average social media wants you to believe it is, is more of a win that you realize. In fact, you are winning this very moment as you read this because you are alive and reading this (Thanks by the way).

We have to embrace the opportunity we are being given to recalibrate and flex differently. I have taken this to heart and practice and have decided that for now, I don’t want to participate as a spectator or otherwise where live streams are concerned. I am limiting my virtual interactions for now, as a strategic means or protection. Managing the shift from face-to-face instruction to remote learning for many of my classes has only fueled this desire to be a virtual shut-in, It was clear as we began to prepare for the transition that grace and compassion will be necessary in order to get my students over the finish line. As I extend it to them in extending deadlines, talking through their anger and anxiety and reassuring them that I have their backs, I realized that I needed to extend that same grace to myself, especially where my creative life is concerned. So for now, whatever I create outside of maintaining my sanity as a professor, will be on my own schedule and for my own sense of accomplishment.

Keep in mind that pacing will be important in the coming weeks. We have only just begun the waiting game where the effects of the Coronavirus are concerned. There will be time to hang out on live stream, create meaningful content and try out those things that I haven’t gotten around to, but right now at this moment, it is a relief that while I sit for a spell, most of the world is sitting with me. There is no FOMO, there is no rush. For the first time in my creative life, rest feels like winning, and I am so winning.

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  • Sandrea
    Posted at 15:40h, 14 April

    You are Winning. Rest well, love you unconditionally.
    – your lil sister