Kat’s Korner: (Re)imagining Mrs. Rosa Parks Exhibit (Apr. 2014)

Kat’s Korner: (Re)imagining Mrs. Rosa Parks Exhibit (Apr. 2014)

rosaparksIn addition to running LSP, I also serve as the director of the Prince George’s Community College Book Bridge Project. The goal of the project is to use literature as a bridge between the campus and its surrounding community. For the 2013-2014 academic year, the selected work is Jeanne Theoharis’s book The Rebellious Life of Mrs. Rosa Parks. The book looks beyond the iconic demure librarian,to reveal a soft-spoken and fierce revolutionary.

Offering insights into Mrs. Parks lesser discussed attributes, the book  got me to thinking about Mrs. Parks differently, well actually, more holistically of what it means to become an icon.  The distortation that couples the exaltation to icon status often means something gets lost in translation. Who else might Mrs. Parks have been? From that question an art exhibition was born.

Reimagining Rosa Parks invites artists to submit works that directly or metaphorically examine the identity of Rosa Parks beyond events that sparked the Montgomery Bus Boycott. Artists are also invited to submit works that deal with the wealth of issues surrounding Civil Rights, which would include, but are not limited to, works reflecting on the March on Washington, Emancipation, the Voting Rights Act, or Freedom Riders. In reimagining Mrs. Parks the hope is that a new cultural thread is added to her narritibe that allows her to exist differently, but no less powerful, for the 21st Century.

Submissions are currently being accepted until March 15, 2014. The exhibition will run from April 28th, 2014- July 4, 2014. For more details click here.

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