Music Pick!: 5 Questions for DJ Apple Jac (James Brown Edition)

Music Pick!: 5 Questions for DJ Apple Jac (James Brown Edition)

applejac1Out of Decatur, GA comes the “gawd” himself,  DJ Apple Jac! Known for his soulful blends and varied sets, he is one of the three featured artists for our special James Brown tribute, On the Good Foot! happening Thursday, May 2nd at Tropicalia. This is gonna be a stone cold gas, so we figured before the crew hit the decks we would get them on record about The Godfather and his effect on their lives as DJs and producers.   We had five questions for all three, here is what Applejac had to say.

LiL SoSo Productions: What was the first James Brown tune you remember hearing? What did you like about it?

DJ Apple Jac: “Get Up (I Feel Like Being A) Sex Machine” was the first tune I remember hearing by James Brown. It was something about it that caught my 6 year-old ear. I was instantly connected to the Funk.


LSP:  What is it about his music that makes James Brown such an iconic figure in music?

DJA: I think the biggest thing about James Brown is his influence on other forms of music and the many branches that have sprouted from his root.

LSP:  What is your favorite use of a James Brown sample from a hip-hop perspective and why?

DJA: Easily “Welcome To The Terrordome” by Public Enemy (which coincidentally is my favorite Hip-Hop song of all-time), because of the very crafty use of my favorite James Brown break “Get Up, Get Into It, Get Involved”.

LSP:  If you could spend an hour with James Brown, what would you talk about?

DJA: Honestly, I wouldn’t want to talk at all, I’d love to just sit in on a rehearsal or a studio session to see how he interacted with Fred Wesley and Maceo Parker and how they translated James’s cues into the magic that eventually made it to tape.

LSP:  Okay, the hardest question of them all: Name your top three James Brown tunes.

“Get Up, Get Into It, Get Involved”


“Get Up (I Feel Like Being A) Sex Machine”

DJ Apple Jac will be spinning this Thursday, May 2nd for  On the Good Foot: A Musical Tribute to James Brown, 9PM @Tropicalia. You can find out more by DJ Apple Jac check him out on Facebook and Twitter.



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