Music Pick!: Jesse Boykins III & Melo-X- “Black Orpheus” (VIDEO)

Music Pick!: Jesse Boykins III & Melo-X- “Black Orpheus” (VIDEO)

Zulu GuruMusic can be so sexy. No matter what the topic–if presented correctly, music can be used to express admiration for a loved one, show interest in your potential boo, or just plain give you a vibe that you need after a long day. Sexy, right? That is how I feel when I listen to Zulu Guru. A collaborative effort between fellow GFC artists, Jesse Boykins III and MeLo X, Zulu Guru is nothing short of sexy. I adore the vibe of this album. It is probably one of two albums that I’ve purchased on Amazon. Let me tell you…it was a GOOD purchase. If you can get it, do yourself that favor. I’ve played and continue to play this album out. I don’t even know these guys personally and I’m absolutely proud of this collaboration.

So in addition to dropping sexy music, they decided to drop a sexy video. How dare they, right?! *sigh* You guys are going to love this. The beat is sexy. The video is flawless. Check out the video for their single, “Black Orpheus”. I’m…I’m just a fan. BOOM.



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