Self-Preservation Week -March 21-27

In addition to everything else, I am also one of the co-founders of STRŌB Apothecary, a five-person collective that is committed to making sure that wellness in the form of herbal remedies and crystal-infused goodies are available to all in need of peak harmonization. This is a new venture that we started last summer at the peak of pandemic lockdown. It was an ambitious goal and one I am happy to say, is slowly and surely moving in the right direction.

One of my roles is as a manifestor and a visionary. When we were thinking about the changing season, it occurred to me that this would be a good time to put forth what we have termed a self-preservation challenge. For those that know me, self-preservation is the term I use instead of self-care. Language is important and for me to serve in the way I do, my preservation is of the utmost importance. Lately, I have been slacking in this department, so I am using this challenge to rekindle myself with myself.

The sudden death of my sister-friend Simone Bresi-Ando on top of a global pandemic, civil unrest, a shit president that left half a million Americans dead, and the life of a professor has left me feeling bloated and ashy–on the inside. I am using this week to change that. Beginning Sunday, March 21st, I am choosing one act of self-preservation to hold me down for one week. I had all sorts of grandiose ideas and one of them was to go to bed at 8PM every night. Pipe dream at best, a setup at worst. I’m a night owl. Even as I type this it is 1:33 AM, and you know what? That’s okay because a big component of this challenge is meeting yourself where you are at. So, for this first challenge, I have decided that my act of self-preservation will be to stretch for at least 20 minutes and complete a meditation exercise of any length.

We will see how this goes, because I will be keeping a written and video journal of my daily exploits in self-preservation, so stay tuned and if you want to participate, I would love to have you join us. Head over to and get the details. Tag us in your updates and let’s cheer each other along!

Alright, y’all. Let’s do this.

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