TONIGHT: We Remember Phife Dawg (FLUTTERBY)

TONIGHT: We Remember Phife Dawg (FLUTTERBY)

I saw the post a little after 6am and had to sit up in bed to make sure I was seeing correctly. Around 1 a this morning, a RIP message was posted by a close friend on Twitter. By the time I saw it, the news had been confirmed that Malik Isaac Taylor aka Phife Dawg aka The Five Foot Assassin, had indeed transitioned. His health issues were well-known, but his death still comes as a surprise. 45 is just too young to leave this earth.

As a cultural architect, my job as I see it, is to remind people constantly of the greatness that has come before them and the greatness that currently surrounds them. The goal is to inspire all of us to be better, because there are so many examples of how to do it. So, when someone asks, “Can we get a special Flutterby tonight?” There is nothing to do but say yes and make it happen. This is my job, this is what I do.

So, tonight we will gather for a special edition of #FlutterbyBnG in honor of Phife Dawg. Feel free to share a toast, a favorite lyric, a story, or if you just want to listen to tunes and be in your feelings in a safe and ATCQ centered space, you can do that too.


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