WE STAND: A Mini Curation (Kat X Pyramid Atlantic)

It started with a message from Kate Taylor Davis the executive director of Pyramid Atlantic, a non-profits arts organization dedicated to the printmaking arts. She asked me how PA could get involved. I am a new board member, and Kate is familiar with my all Black everything stance on life and art, so I appreciated her reaching out. I thought for a minute and I said, “Can we print posters that people could use to show their support?” She said, “Absolutely!” and in a few hours, We Stand was born.

Artists Top Row (l-r): Hadiya Williams, John Ortiz, Michael Booker Bottom Row (l-r): Jennifer White-Johnson, Anonymous, Gerald Watson

I sent out the ask and got six images that have been processed as either a screen print, letterpress or digitally for your solidarity pleasure. To order click here or on the image above. 

“Printmaking has a long history as a being an important vehicle to expose injustice, promote democracy, and bring about social change. We felt it was important for Pyramid Atlantic to use its printmaking studios in the service of the Black Lives Matter movement. We have put our space and equipment to work by printing original protest posters designed by Black and brown artists.

These works are being hand-printed, print-a-thon style, by an incredible group of volunteer artist-printers. Materials have been underwritten by a donor.

Collectively, we are pleased to distribute these prints for FREE in hope that you will use them to support of artists of color and in the service of social justice. Tape ’em to your windows, tack them to telephone poles, or bring them to the White House.”

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