Art Basel Miami: First Time’s a Charm?

Art Basel Miami: First Time’s a Charm?

About a week ago my younger brother that lives in Ft. Lauderdale suggested that I come to Miami for Art Basel. While I am familiar with the world-famous art show, I have never really been pressed to attend. I love art, but have never considered myself much of a fine art connoisseur, like some of my fellow Creatives. I told my brother that I would think about it, but honestly had no real intentions on going for three reasons: 1) I am up to my neck in school work. 2) I am up to my neck in LSP work.  3)I figured this late in the game, the lodging costs would be way to high for a last-minute jaunt to South Beach, FL. A few days later, I ran into a good friend at an event and mentioned I wanted to talk to him about some events early next year. He said we could get together once he returned from Basel. I casually mentioned my brother’s suggestion and he said, “He’s right. You really should come. It would be good for you.”As a spiritualist, I do believe that my spirit guides, are key players in how my life manifests. I have found that when things start to point in the same direction, it is usually worth a look. My brother works for a major airline, so I knew the price of the flight would be reasonable, but when flying standby, there is always the possibility that when the plane takes off, you are still standing by the gate because the flight is full. Given the destination, I didn’t get my hopes up, but  figured if this was meant to be, things would work themselves out.

A good amount of the action for Art Basel takes place in Miami Beach and Downtown, so the hotels were listing rates anywhere from $250-$450 per night. Enter This site features a variety of lodging options made available by individual owners. You can rent someone’s entire home, a room,a couch or even boat for usually a fraction of the cost of hotels. I went on a search and after two days of filtering and a few emails back and forth, I found a room in South Beach for two nights for the cost of one night at many of the hotels. Needless to say, that was the final sign to proceed forward.

So, I am off to Basel! By the time you read this I will have checked in and be off to explore a variety of art shows and events. The goal is to explore and see what Basel has to offer a fine arts novice like myself. Stay tuned, there are sure to be stories.

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