Creative Conversations: Gateway Arts Sound | Love, Creative Style | Real Talk: Black & Single

Creative Conversations: Gateway Arts Sound | Love, Creative Style | Real Talk: Black & Single

In January, I was asked to join the Decipher line up in its new format, Saturdays from 9pm-12mid. As a result, I am now featured on second Saturdays as part of The Soul Controller Mix Show. Thanks to Cleveland Spears aka Bobby Rox, I have been honing my skills with The LSP Effect online at The Flow and have learned a great deal. This next step to terrestrial radio is quite exciting and with such an opportunity I decided to create three segments the team is now calling Creative Conversations with Risikat Okedeyi.

 Saturday, February 9th

(Click on segment titles to listen.)

Segment 1:

Creatives in Our Community-This segment will be a regular feature, because it speaks to my desire to make sure we are always aware of the home-honed talent. This month I had the pleasure of chatting with the beautiful co-owners of  Circa 34 located in Mt. Rainier, MD who have started a jam session called the Gateway Art and Sound Station (GASS). GASS is part of an expansion effort to create and provide an outlet for musicians to create music while providing a platform for healing in the community. Guests: Phyllis Jordan (co-owner, Circa34), Bell Ledbetter (co-owner, Circa 34), Prince Houston (GASS student) and Mr. Root (musician/ GASS mentor).

Post-show thoughts: I really enjoyed this segment. As a resident of Hyattsville, it was nice to be able to engage members of my neighboring community and bring light to the great work they are doing. It was especially moving hearing from Prince who at 18, is very committed to his trumpet and honing his skills. He is proof positive that this effort is worthwhile and in need of support.   Note: The GAS Station jam sessions and workshops begin at 2pm every Sunday and are located at 4002 34 Street, Mt. Rainier, MD 20712. Vocalists and musicians are welcome.

Segment 2:

Love, Creative StyleIn honor of Valentine’s Day, we thought it would be fun to have two married Creatives share what it takes to build personal relationships that work. Kristina Gray and Brian Akpa also known as DJ K La Rock and DJ Senyo are newlyweds that have been together for seven years. As DJ Senyo, Brian has been spinning music from and inspired by the African diaspora for over 10 years and is the host of SWENKA, a night celebrating African beats past, present and future. Kristina writes, DJs and makes music as lead singer if the band Coup Savage & The Snips and is the founder of  the all-female the First Ladies DJ Collective. She also works with the arts organization Girls Rock DC. Produced by: Jessica Solomon

Post-show thoughts: These two were as much fun to watch as they were to listen to, but I have to admit that one of Kristina’s comments struck a nerve. She made an interesting observation that prior to meeting Brian she had found her Creative pursuits were seen as intimidating and often times removed her from the romantic sphere when it came to potential suitors. She articulated what I have felt for years, but I have to say that watching them together was inspiring. In the end, Brian offered up great advice on romantic partnering when said to, “be absent of your ego and just be a fan” when romantically linked with a fellow Creative.

Segment 3:

Real Talk: Black & Single-This segment will also be a regular feature where I sit down with a panel to have conversations about a variety of topics. The goal is to create meaningful dialogue while engaging the listening audience. In keeping with the theme, I thought it would be “fun” to sit down with some very dynamic and very single Black women varying in age from 30-42. They had a great deal to say on the subject of the love and marriage narrative. You just have to listen and hear for yourself. Guests: Karen Parker (researcher, writer and event planner), Alison McNeil (arts education consultant), Shonda Goward (college administrator, lecturer and blogger), and Jess Solomon (arts curator, community connector and praxis manager).

Post-show thoughts: This was by far the most difficult segment of the night. I don’t think any of us were prepared for what the conversation was going to bring up when we started. After the show, we all went over to Tryst, a local cafe,  to decompress and chat more about what was said on-air and off. There were moments throughout the night (we hung out until almost 2am)  of reflective silence, mixed in with deep conversations on what it meant to share such personal moments on-air. By the end of the night I remember looking at these women and thinking to myself, you know it isn’t ideal, but in this moment none of us are alone. As we parted ways and said our goodbyes, it was that last thought that made me grateful and hopeful for the future. Thankfully, we are all learning to create our own narratives and in doing so, we are becoming authentic versions of ourselves.

Next month we return Saturday, March 9th with more great segments. We are gonna dole out some advice, so if you have issues, conflicts, things that you might need to work through, hit me up at, pose your question, or situation and we will tackle your issues on air.

Until then, take care.


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