Kat Reveals Her Superpower (Feminine Folklore)

Kat Reveals Her Superpower (Feminine Folklore)

Friday, January 29th & Saturday, January 20th
8PM | $20 | Purchase Tickets
Joe’s Movement Emporium
3309 Bunker Hill Road | Mr. Rainier, MD

4After being featured in the past two ensembles, Kat is featured in the latest edition of Feminine Folklore. This time around the cast will answer the question: What’s Your Superpower? Delving into the mythical and practical aspects of being a modern superhero, the cast will share personal stories of creation, heroism and defeat. Culminating a story-telling session of lessons learned, this interactive theatre production will challenge listeners to define super to celebrate the superhero that lives in every woman.

Created, produced and directed by Goldie Patrick of the newly formed FRESHH Inc. Theatre Company, Feminine Folklore is a devised theatre performance that features stories of women on their sojourn into and through their life. For more information click here.


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