Kat’s Korner: An Interactive Jumpstart (REGISTER TODAY!)

Kat’s Korner: An Interactive Jumpstart (REGISTER TODAY!)



I spend a great deal of time solving problems. Big ones, little ones, short and long-term ones. Long before Olivia Pope popularized the role of the fixer, I was solving teen dramas as a high schooler, negotiating peace between roommates in college and offering solutions to everything from crowd control to trade missions in my early adult years. I have continued on that path in the work I do as a professor of English and a business owner. Working as and with Creatives forces you to sharpen your critical thinking and problem-solving skills. You are often suspending reality in order  to make the dream come true and every once and awhile, we all hit the brick wall. We want to go, but can move, or are working really hard with no real progress. Sometimes it is a sign of the need for a major overhaul, but most times we just need a spark to motivate us into a better place of being and perspective. We all have it in us to do great things, most times it is just a matter of doing it. This is the thought behind my latest project.

At the end of September, I will be hosting  three small group sessions entitled, “What’s the Hold Up?”. Billed as an interactive jumpstart, this will be three-hour intensive catalyst experience that moves participants into a an active space of being. With one project, goal, task in mind, group members will be able to express their frustrations, discover their hold ups and get directives on what they can do right now to finish.. The goal is simple:  Charge you into action. Space is limited to maximize the experience, so early registration is strongly suggested. Feel free to contact me with questions here and hopefully,  I will see you very soon.



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