Kat’s Korner: Dick Gregory Speaks!

Kat’s Korner: Dick Gregory Speaks!

An Evening With Dick Gregory
Wednesday, February 26th | PG Community College
Doors at 6:30PM | Event Starts 7:00PM
Click here for details and RSVP

As a cultural architect, I spend a great of time looking back to make sure the thread of progress is ever present in everything I do. As my worlds are beginning start to converge, I am finding my roles as professor and cultural architect are becoming more and more in sync with one another-something I have traditionally kept separate. As I have mentioned in previous posts, I am the director for the Prince George’s Community College Book Bridge Project. As director, the goal is always to make sure that the themes of the selected works are translated into viable moments where students and the campus community can engage face-to-face. This of course, is what I live for! Enter Mr. Dick Gregory.

I was initially introduced to Dick Gregory via ‘Pops’ the character played by comedian Robin Harris in one of my favorite 1990-era films, House Party. When Pops offered Kid a health drink he called ‘Dick Gregory’ that was the first time I had heard the name. It would be years before I would really begin to understand the importance of Dick Gregory.  Appropriately enough, it was during a live interview with his daughter Ayanna that I finally understood the depth of Mr. Gregory’s presence and social justice history. The more I learned, the more upset I was at the circumstance of my initial introduction and now that I have a chance, I am plan to do something about how history is shared.

On Wednesday, February 26th Prince Georges Community College will host a special evening featuring Mr. Dick Gregory in a live interview and discussion co-moderated by President Charlene Dukes and Dr. Korey Brown. In a world where so many gave up so much to ensure that we benefit from the rights and freedoms of this country, it is always a blessing to be able to experience  hear first-person accounts. We not only get a sense of what things were like,  we also gain insight on whether our idea of progress actually matches up with reality. I urge you to consider attending and hearing a social justice icon speak of the past, present and future in his own words. The event is free and open to the campus and community with RSVP. Don’t miss it! I have a feeling it will be one for the books.

Kat aka Professor O

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