Kat’s Korner: Happy New Year! (#Belize #ONLOCATION)

Kat’s Korner: Happy New Year! (#Belize #ONLOCATION)


On Location: Me atop a royal temple 168 feet above sea level. Maya ruins at Lamanai. Belize, C.A.

Greetings from beautiful Belize! I decided to do something different from my normal European jaunt and through a series of twists and turns ended up in Belize, a place I have wanted to visit for some time now. Since this is the first Kat’s Korner of the new year I will concede that 2014 had some amazing moments. I am one that tends not to spend too much time looking back, but if you are new to LSP or just want to reminisce, you can see what we were up to by looking through our popular categories: Kat’s Korner & LSP Picks!. As always, I am proud of our continued push as I like to phrase is, “anti-racthet superheroes” but we cannot rest on what we have done. .

As always, time away helps me to formulate a plan, but this time around I tried something different. On the last day of 2014, I dedicated about 5 hours to honing in what I wanted to accomplish for the first six months of 2015. Much if that time was used to begin tackle a long-standing issue when it comes to LSP: Just what is it that we do? In my head, I am really clear, but I have found over the years that on the site and to the public at large–not so much.  So I am making clarity the first priority and have begun reworking our Creative Support Services page. By January 15th, it will be complete.

I have also decided to become more vocal, at least in the written form. I have tended to shy away from much of what passes as popular culture debate primarily because I think there are so many more important things to discuss than Iggy Azalea, but the fact is that artistry such as hers erodes at the foundation of Black culture and the continued need for progressive Black aesthetics to counter the mainstream. A self-claimed “talker”, I find writing a bit constricting and way more permanent than I like, but 2015 is about going further, so while I can’t promise “think pieces” the like of The Atlantic or Madame Noire (and yes, in some cases, I am being facetious), I will be offering some of my critical perspective on a variety of topics that I think affect the movement of which I am a part.

My foray into all of this will included the re-branding of The LSP Effect into the new Kat’s Korner podcast. The hiatus will end January 28th, with a new show. It will be one part cultursl commentary, one part business life hack and one part interview. What can I say, my corner has layers! There are also some new concepts coming back and making their debut.

Dream Makers will return this February. If you missed the debut featuring Jamyla Bennu, video will be available his month. In the meantime, you can check out my recap here. A new concept called The Archivists is also in the works. Taking its lead from When Harlem Came to Paris, I am embarking on a new experiential concept that allows my inner nerd to be set completely free. The tagline is quite simply: Traversing tenses, past, future, present. It will be worth the wait.

Finally, Belize. There is a method to my movement. Let’s just say that very soon, you too could be #onlocation with LSP to some of my favorite spots in the world. Yesterday, I took a day trip to see the Maya ruins at Lamanai and here are a few pics from the experience.


Here’s to a new year and going further!



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