Kat’s Korner: The Podcast | One on One (LIVE) feat. Maryam Foye

With the world literally at a standstill, now more than ever it’s important to check in with our friends and community. How are you coping in these unprecedented times? Need a little pick me up? A real-talk session? We got you!

Join Risikat “Kat” Okedeyi and her special guests as they talk through ups and downs of quarantine life, the little joys, the real-world observations, and the tips that keep them on track throughout it all.

Featured Guest: In this edition, Kat interviews artist and arts administrator, Maryam Foye. She is an artist, cultural strategist,, and community advocate. As the founder of HBC/430 Creative Programs & Consulting, she supports the growth, programming, and sustainability of small creative businesses, artists and grassroots initiatives. Her work centers the integration of creative thinking and art into work that fuels culture and policy shifts as they relate to Black youth and families. Follow Maryam on IG @MARYAM_FATI_FOYE,  @tribe.430, and @hbc430.


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