Kat’s Korner: Stop and Smell the Accomplishment

Kat’s Korner: Stop and Smell the Accomplishment

Photo credit: Glamour.com

Photo credit: Glamour.com

When is the last time you took stock? Not the surface kind where you make sure the bills are up to, or as close to up to date as possible, and there are no major fires to be put out, but the kind of deep personal review that we usually do when we hit a milestone age (21, 30, 40) or have a milestone experience (childbirth, marriage, divorce, death of a loved one). The bustle of our so-called lives, usually requires us to stay in the immediate present as we move from point A to A1 while navigating to point B. This is not always easy and many of us find ourselves living in the past or worrying about the future, while at the same time caught in the tangled web of what hasn’t been done.

While it is important to make sure things are getting done. It is equally important to celebrate those things that have been done-no matter how small. Taking time to stop and smell the accomplishment can not only serve as a reality check that pulls you away from negative thinking and self-loathing, but it can also boost productivity. Recently, I was reviewing a LSP task list from months ago and found myself smiling at the things I had finally moved from “to-do” to done. This got me thinking about how far LSP has come since 2001. In the now, twelve years of its existence, LSP has done far more than I initially expected or even imagined. And while there is still much to do, I am pretty darn impressed with what we have done to date. I got so excited that I actually gave myself a little pat on the back for a job well done.  Message: The little things add up to substantive progress over time, and should be celebrated.

Whether you just smile to yourself, or scream it from a mountain top, don’t wait for the socially accepted “milestone moment” to recognize your greatness. The road is too long and wide to ignore the baby steps it takes to get wherever “there” is. Shine your light on yourself as a means of celebration but also as an acknowledgement of actual progress. It will make the journey more interesting and seem less tiresome. I promise.

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