Kat’s Korner: The Shake Up

Kat’s Korner: The Shake Up


You ever wake up and say to yourself, “How the hell did I end up here?”At that point, there are usually signs of an internal struggle everywhere: your place is a mess, people aren’t listening or calling you back, things are breaking down, etc. The worst part, you can’t even trace your steps. It just feels like out of nowhere, life got twisted inside out. Welcome to the shake up. As painful as it can be, it is quite simple: things are shifting whether you like it or not. Sometimes shake ups come with subtle warnings. For example, I could feel the transmission slipping in the Katvan about a week and a half before she finally died. Sometimes you are blindsided and there is no way you could have ever prepared for it; like sudden, life-threatening illness or the death of a loved one.

Even in moments of despair, there is always an opportunity to be grateful and give thanks and the shake up is there to remind us. Have you forgotten the good things sitting right in front of you? Are you so wrapped up that when things fall apart your first thought is, “Why me?”. The better question is Why not you? No one is above the shake up. In fact, if you really lean into it, you can see a lot more clearly when things feel the most upside down. I know from experience and here are some tips that have helped me in the past:

* Don’t panic: It doesn’t do much good and you really need the energy to get through the shake up. If you do start to panic, take deep breaths until you calm down and then proceed.

* Assess: What do you need to get rid of? What do you need to keep? Where do you need help? Yes, in that order.

* Clean: This may sound funny, but cleaning can be a great way to center and I find it much easier to think when there are no dirty dishes in the sink, or that stack of papers in my office is filed away. This includes yourself. A shower or bath can also do wonders. Consider cleaning an active meditation to work through your assessment.

* Act: Now that you are clear, get moving! The shake up isn’t always about solving problems; most times it is about awareness and being present. Instead of fighting the shift, embrace it. You don’t like your diagnosis? Research ways to heal and adjust. Lost your car? Embrace public transportation, rent when needed and ask friends for help.

The shake up isn’t easy, but when it comes you can minimize the stress by not seeing it as a punishment. Try the above tips and let me know how it goes. Also, please share your tips for managing the shake up in the comments section. It never hurts to expand the tool kit. Until then, be grateful and stay present.

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