Kat’s Korner: Wellness and Self-Care Workshops

Kat’s Korner: Wellness and Self-Care Workshops

rsz_3kat_5342In addition to running LSP and teaching at a local community college, Risikat “Kat” Okedeyi is an advocate for wellness and self-care. She has years of experience as a root woman an intuitive counselor and works at Smile Herb Shop twice a month assisting clients with a variety of health and spiritual concerns.

All workshops are $25 and will take place at Smile Herb Shop | 4908 Berwyn Road, College Park, MD. To register, please call 301.474.8791.

Tuesday, May 14th @6:30PM: Creating Ritual & Sacred Space
This workshop examines the importance of ritual and how it plays in daily life. As a means to ground and center, rituals like tea making and herbal blends will be discussed. The folklore attached to some of the more popular herbs will be discussed in addition to different herbal blends that can be used to personalize your daily, monthly or yearly ritual. The class will also look at sacred spaces and altar creation. How do you deem a space sacred? What elements are involved in building an altar? When is an altar needed? All these and more will be discussed.


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