Art Pick! Adrian Loving’s Fade 2 Grey Opens (03.07)

Art Pick! Adrian Loving’s Fade 2 Grey Opens (03.07)


Fade 2 Grey: Androgyny in Eighties Popular Music
March 7-April 25, 2014

The Gallery at Vivid Solutions
1241 Good Hope Road SE · Washington DC 20020
Hours: Tuesday – Friday noon to 5pm · Saturday 11am to 5pm

Fade 2 Grey is a groundbreaking new solo art exhibition by artist Adrian Loving. His works explore androgyny, gender roles, fashion and the sensationalism of style in 80’s pop music. Included in this show is an installation of rare album covers from the late 1970’s through the mid 80’s from Loving’s personal collection. Themes of New Wave, Punk, Electro Boogie, New Romantic, Sexy Robots, Hair Bands and Jheri Curl Funk all play out through the identity of the artists presented on each album. The primary focus of the exhibition will be a series of six video art installations that will explore the aesthetic tension of duality in the visual identity of select musicians including: Patti Smith, David Bowie, Grace Jones, Sylvester, Boy George and Prince – all artists who have made an enduring statement in their musical careers through the use of androgyny.

These short videos will be Loving’s aesthetic response to his impression of that duality and content of the musicians work. Each video contains a mix of sound, photography, video, text, pattern and rich color. Adrian’s artistic goal is to tap into the unique essence, social power and flamboyance of how androgyny is played out in each musician. The viewer is challenged to make his/her own opinions about sexuality, gender and artistry as it relates to these legendary musical figures and confront western society’s rigid constructs and viewpoints about gender.

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