Creative Pick!: 5 Questions for Animals & Fire’s Sheldon Scott

Creative Pick!: 5 Questions for Animals & Fire’s Sheldon Scott

BIZARD-"Scotch Crossing Ouagadougou"

BIZARD-“Scotch Crossing Ouagadougou”

There is a new collective in town and it has an unusual name. Armando Lopez-Bircann and Sheldon Scott have partnered up to create a platform in the service of performance art. Animals & Fire will serve what Lopez-Bircann and Scott feel is the under served community of performance artists.  The first artist they are exhibiting is BIZARD who will kick off his residency with a performance on Sunday May 19 at 7pm at Monteserrat House 2016 9th Street, NW in Washington, DC. Beginning on Tuesday May 21st, BIZARD will lead workshop participants through his processes of taping the body, movement, and activating the public realm. The workshop will finish with “Scotch, Washington, DC,” a “live performative exploration” through the streets of DC. When I got wind of this, I had to hit up Sheldon, aka “The Governor of U Street”, with the requisite five questions. Here is what he had to say:

Risikat Okedeyi: What exactly is Animals & Fire?
Sheldon Sctott: Animals & Fire is a platform to support performance artists and performance art literacy in Washington, DC. Through Visiting Artists Residencies, Workshops, and access to public and private performance spaces, Animals & Fire will facilitate conversation, exchange and exposure in support of performance art growth.

RO: The name is interesting. Where did it come from?
SS:  When we asked the internet, “what is performance art?” it returned no definition but instead a list of qualities of performance art with the last line “…….sometimes uses animals and fire…..”. The rest, as they say, is history.

RO: What made you decide to launch this venture?
SS: The selfish answer is that we want to grow as artists and want to build the infrastructure to support that. But for the bigger picture, we also really want to increase performance art literacy in Washington, DC.

RO: What do you think A&F will bring to the DC performance arts arena that is currently missing?
SS: Greater exposure and exchange for performance artists, much like you see in other performing arts communities like poetry and storytelling.

RO: What will the performance residencies entail? How will residents be selected?
SS: There will be performances followed by a five-day workshop by the resident artist that includes an opportunity for critique, culminating in an ensemble performance put on by workshop attendees. Animals & Fire will select and curate the featured resident artists.

BIZARD-"Scotch Crossing Bruxelles"

BIZARD-“Scotch Crossing Bruxelles”








For more information on Animals & Fire. Contact Sheldon Scott here.

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