Creative Pick!: 5 Questions for DJ Don X

Creative Pick!: 5 Questions for DJ Don X

rsz_1rsz_1djdonx_updatedBorn Damola Epemolu in Paris, France, DJ Don X  spent his formative years in Lagos, Nigeria. With an undying passion for music in all its forms, he quickly evolved from what began as a hobby in 2006, to what is now a career that showcases his incredible talent for bridging the gap across many cultures. He sound is reflects his experiences of having lived in Lagos, New York, Maryland and now Washington DC. With a depth fueled by his musical influences: Fela Kuti, Bob Marley, Afrojack, Tiesto and Michael Jackson. DJ Don X consistently appeals to a wide range of palettes as far as music is concerned. I have been a fan of his for some time, and with his venture into event production, I thought it would be fun to throw the requisite five questions his way. Check out how he answered below.

Risikat Okedeyi: How long have you been djing? How would you describe your sound?
DJ DonX: I have been djing for more than  seven  years now. The journey began during my college days and with many years of experience, I have launched my global DJ career. My sound is unrestricted. I would say it’s eclectic, it has a broad appeal while maintaining an Afrocentric base.

RO: Which music artists in your opinion are the ones to watch?
DJDX: Quite a few:

  •  Nollege Wizdumb, a Nigerian lyricist who resides in Baltimore MD;
  • Melly Rose, a Trinidad and Tobago native;
  • #Seven a rapper with quite a unique flow;
  • Shadow from Sierra Leone;
  • Finally, a young talented dude called Chibbz.

RO: When did you start doing events and what has been the response by the Nigerian community to your work?
DJDX: I started doing events about five years ago. In the words of Olumide Ayoola, one of the organizers of the upcoming show, I started doing events to help showcase “young, hot and fresh” acts. The driving force behind the events I dj or produce is to showcaseAfrican culture and talent in a positive and quality centered way, while making it enjoyable for all races and nationalities. The response has been slow but very positive. It takes time to “grow” on the Nigerian community and over the years my brand has done that. I thank God for the ability to do what I do and to have gotten to this point in such a short period of time.

RO: Your next event is a comedy show. Why do a comedy show? Tell us a little about the comic Jedi and some of the other featured acts.
DJDX: Yes it is.  Initially, I came on board as the tour DJ and part organizer. My collective decided on comedy because in the society we live in, the mundane is tiresome. We all need the therapeutic outlet comedy brings-the ability to laugh and momentarily forget all we deal with from day to day. That said, the line up besides the host Jedi are fresh acts who we’ve changed biannually to keep the spice and freshness consistent. Each comic has a loyal following and no two are similar. They are all experienced professionals who deliver quality. For more info on the event people can log onto:

RO: With the upcoming comedy show, what do you want people to come away with after the event?
DJDX: First, they are happy they attended and got more than their money’s worth. Second, that they recognize the ability our team has to deliver an event on a large scale without compromising quality and customer satisfaction. Lastly, that people are looking forward to the next Laugh Wan Kill Me Die tour!

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