Creative Pick!: 5 Questions for FORWARD Festival’s David Fogel

Creative Pick!: 5 Questions for FORWARD Festival’s David Fogel

david_fogel_284David Fogel is many things, but in a word “visionary” says it best. As the founder of 88, a creative agency that specializes in multimedia events, motion graphics, branding and marketing, David is always on the move. It just so happens that we share an office. I was able to catch up with him in the midst of preparations for his annual FORWARD festival which kicks off tonight at Tropicalia and runs through Sunday, May 19th. I had five questions about the festival, and David obliged. Check it out.

Risikat Okedeyi:  What exactly is FORWARD?
David Fogel:  FORWARD is a 5 day celebration of electronic creative culture. It’s our, and when I say “our” I mean approximately 20 of our closest creative colleagues, to annually let loose and flex our inspired muscles in the city that we love and call home.

RO:  Why did you start the festival?
DF:  I was inspired. I felt that the time was right for DC and  that our community deserved something like this…needed something like this. I wanted it.

RO:  How do you select the featured participants?
DF:  We’re really deliberate with our selections. They are all based off on festival’s  theme. This year’s theme is “Balance”, so when you look around at the various digital installations; the number of DJs to live acts ; the increased number of women performers and the way each night is programmed hopefully that theme will be felt and resonate with/through you.

RO:  The graphic  design associated with the festival is always so intricate. What is the process of coming up with the final look?
DF:  Everything visual is also inspired by the theme of the year. This year, the mandala theme just seemed to fit. With the branding of the actual logo, we stick to our core colors – red, black and white. As we branch out to branding the various other aspects of FORWARD – each night, the guide, headers, banners etc. we allow ourselves more artistic freedom.

RO:  What is your hope as far as the attendee experience?
DF:  I only have one hope. Have people say “WoW”.

Tonight, the festival kicks off with a panel discussion and party featuring: Bill Kouligas, R Rose, Beautiful Swimmers and NxNW at Tropicalia | 2001 14th St, NW (Lower Level) | WDC. For more information and a complete schedule log onto

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